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David and Corinne C. “It’s been a while, but my wife and I again would like to thank you again for all that you did for us. September 26th will mark our two year bankruptcy discharge anniversary. In those two years, we’ve accomplished things we know wouldn’t have been possible if we decided not to file for bankruptcy. Within the first year, we were able to buy two vehicles to replace our aging ones. Within the past year we were able to re-finance those vehicles with a much better interest rate saving us a couple hundred dollars a month and we were able to get credit cards with decent limits and reasonable interest rates which we use to further save money and improve our credit. Our credit scores were once well below 600 and now they’re back up to 700. Today, we were just approved for a VA home mortgage and are in the process of once again owning our very own home. I’m tempted to frame the mortgage pre-approval letter. Two years ago, we thought none of this would be possible. To us, bankrupcy was a dirty word. We were afraid that filing for bankruptcy would put us on the do-not-touch list for at least 7 years, but then again we weren’t making any financial headway on our own and the financial burden was putting a strain on our marriage and our life. Less than two years later, we finally feel “normal” again, if you know what I mean. Thank you…again…we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Marianne T. “Crossley Law Offices walked me every step of the way through a very difficult life decision. I was literally distraught and didn’t know what to do or how to do it. I interviewed 3 law firms before choosing Crossley Law Offices. David was available to answer all my questions (and I had many) in a way I could understand. I was hand led through my legal proceeding which is exactly what I needed. I was too overwhelmed to handle the circumstances without the help of a competent and compassionate attorney such as David. I will recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice or services. I am confident I made the right decision and Crossley Law Offices was integral to that choice.”

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Louise D. “David is very knowledgeable, honest, professional, kind, empathetic, and polite. He answered all of my questions, and promptly responded to all of my emails and calls. He made everything so simple and straight forward. I am finally where I want to be in life and I have him to thank. You won’t find any better or any cheaper. Trust me! Stop researching and just go with Crossley Law!”

Pamela C. “Following a full year of anxiety, sleepless nights and complete and total obsession over my financial situation I was forced to reach out for help. I contacted Crossley Law via the internet and was able to speak with Dave Crossley immediately. Our initial conversation gave me the confidence and knowledge that I could actually go forward and come through this situation. His presentation during the hearing proved to me beyond a doubt that his office is precisely what they claim, the most experienced Mass. bankruptcy firm in the state. I cannot say enough about their knowledge and expertise.”

Khrysti S. “I highly recommend using this firm! From the very first call, I could tell they are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and indeed they were able to very clearly guide me through the entire bankruptcy process and answer all of my very detailed questions. Crossley Law Offices really made this potentially confusing endeavor an amazingly smooth one instead, and for a really reasonable price! I’m so glad I chose to work with them.”

Russell and Anna A. “David Crossley was always accessable to us. He answered questions with easily understood words and patience when they were asked repeatedly. He helped us understand what would and was happening. We appreciate the time and care he gave to us, never making us feel like we we just clients but friends he wanted to help.”

Patricia R. “Facing bankruptcy alone was a significant personal crisis fraught with a gamut of emotions. Attorney David C. Crossley knows to navigate his clients through this process seamlessly with obvious skill, dedication and empathy. From my first phone call, I felt completely guided, informed and supported through the entire process. All my questions and concerns were answered promptly and respectfully with straightforward clear explanations and instructions. I was a “high-maintenance” client, and he knew how assuage my fears with patience and logic. Attorney David C. Crossley knows how to establish trust and confidence and provide a 100% positive service and result. He is an experienced and talented litigator with superlative communication skills, and a great personality. He deserves an A+ rating from me across the board.”

Christopher O. “I have and will continue to recommend David Crossley. Through every step of a complicated sometimes very emotional process, David and his team always made me feel like their most important client. They treated me with respect by being very forthright with information and always answering my questions. My case was proceeded in exactly the manner described and closed with better than anticipated results.”

Edward V. (Worcester, MA) “I would definitely recommend the Crossley Law Offices. I found that Attorney Crossley was true to his word, he answered all of my questions, and I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. I strongly recommend his office to anyone who needs an attorney to help them through a difficult financial bankruptcy proceeding.”

Dianne D. (Milford, MA) “Attorney Crossley and his legal assistant are/were simply the best that you could ask for. They were professional and friendly and their response time/follow-up was fast and accurate. They were always available to answers any questions in a complete manner. I truly felt that they had my best interests at heart. They made a unfortunate circumstance bearable and gave me hope and direction for a great future. I definitely would recommend Crossley Law Offices!!!”

Mark A. (Holliston, MA) “They make it as easy and painless as possible for you. Answered every question i could have. Even afterwards., they are still there to answer my questions.”

Jodie B. (Peabody, MA) “The Crossley Law Office did a great job with my bankruptcy and helped relieve a ton of stress that I was feeling about my debt.  Attorney Crossley personally handled my meeting of creditors, and even helped me so that I could keep my car.  Also, the Crossley Law Office was able to quickly add a creditor to my bankruptcy that I had originally forgotten to tell them about. Because of that I was able to get rid of an extra $4500 of debt. I would definitely recommend the Crossley Law Office if you need to file for bankruptcy protection.”

Freddy C. (Leominster, MA) “I would recommend to anyone who is wondering about bankruptcy that they contact the Crossley Law Office first.  Attorney Crossley explained the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 and helped me understand which was best for my particular situation.  His office took control and dealt with some really nasty creditors on my behalf.  I’m glad I called his office to handle my bankruptcy for me.”

Kimberly & Douglas L. (Framingham, MA)

 “Attorney Crossley charged us a reasonable fee and explained everything to us, so that we knew exactly what to expect in our bankruptcy.  His office always answered our questions quickly and during the bankruptcy hearing my husband and I were happy that we had Attorney Crossley on our side.  If you need an experienced bankruptcy attorney we recommend that you contact the Crossley Law Office.”

Dr. Delaney (Brockton, MA) “The Crossley Law Office went above-and-beyond what I expected of a bankruptcy firm.  Attorney Crossley not only handled all aspects of the bankruptcy itself, but he also resolved a related matter involving my residence.  Whenever I had a question about the bankruptcy I knew I could call his office and get an immediate and correct answer.  I absolutely recommend the Crossley Law Office and Attorney David Crossley.”

David & Corinne C. (Springfield, MA) “Attorney Crossley charged us a fair and affordable fee when every other bankruptcy attorney we spoke with wanted thousands of dollars to file our bankruptcy.  He explained things to my wife and I so that we could easily understand what was happening, what to expect in our bankruptcy proceeding, and what to expect during our section 341 meeting of creditors.  He responded to all of my questions in a timely manner and acted like a professional at all times.  My wife and I definitely recommend the Crossley Law Office and Attorney David Crossley.”


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